Sol Sana Boots

Sol Sana boots are at the sole heart of every female, they are also a necessity when adding flair to your style during the cooler season – it is the one winter staple you need. Set the bar high with your brand new pair of Sol Sana Boots and compliment your winter outfit today.

With a huge range of colours, textures and styles available – whether they are knee high, elegant open toe or polished ankle boots, we have all the fashion favourites. You can also feel sexy and confident in our large collection of Sol Sana Heels available to you now.

Be spoilt for choice and shop online at Sol Sana today and find your next favourite pair of boots or heels.

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  • Ajax Boot Puddy S

    Ajax Boot – Stone

  • Alexandria Boot Black S

    Alexandria Boot – Black

  • Alexandria Boot Lt Puddy S

    Alexandria Boot – Stone

  • Alicia Boot Black S

    Alicia Boot – Black

  • Alicia Boot Puddy S

    Alicia Boot – Stone

  • Bianca Boot Black S

    Bianca Boot – Black

  • Bianca Boot Lt Puddy S

    Bianca Boot – Stone

  • Bruno Boot Distressed Fawn S

    Bruno Boot – Distressed Fawn

  • Bruno Boot Lt Puddy S

    Bruno Boot – Stone Suede

  • Ezra Heel Fawn S

    Ezra Boot – Fawn Knit

  • Jazz Heel Black S

    Jazz Heel – Black Suede

  • sol sana leo boot stone

    Leo Boot – Stone Suede

  • sol sana martina boot black

    Martina Boot – Black

  • sol sana martina boot silver online

    Martina Boot – Gold

  • Sol Sana Tessa boot rust

    Tessa Boot – Rust Suede

  • Sale! Toni Taupe S

    Toni Boot – Taupe

    $219.95 $153.97
  • Sol Sana Viage Boot Black Stud

    Voyage Boot III – Black Stud

  • Ajax Boot Black S

    Ajax Boot – Black

    Sold out
  • Alicia Boot Floral Satin S

    Alicia Boot – Floral

    Sold out
  • Sale! Bruno Boot Black S

    Bruno Boot – Black

    Sold out
  • Sale! Bruno Boot Gold S

    Bruno Boot – Gold

    Sold out
  • Sale! Bruno Boot Navy S

    Bruno Boot – Navy Suede

    Sold out
  • Sale! Fox Boot Burgandy S

    Fox Boot II – Burgandy Velvet

    Sold out
  • Fox Boot Navy S

    Fox Boot II – Navy Velvet

    Sold out
  • Sale! Sol Sana Tessa boot black

    Tessa Boot – Black Suede

    Sold out
  • Sale! Sol Sana Viage Boot Black

    Voyage Boot III – Black

    Sold out
  • Sale! Shop Sol Sana Voyage Boot Burgandy

    Voyage Boot III – Burgundy

    Sold out
  • Voyager Black S

    Voyager Boot – Black

    Sold out
  • Voyager Black Stud S

    Voyager Boot – Black Stud

    Sold out